Should I Hire a Professional Health Care Advocate?

From John Hopkins Medicine Healthy Aging

The complexity of the health care system has given rise to a new professional: the patient advocate.

This person is often a nurse, social worker, geriatric care manager or other health care professional who can help you navigate the health care system, including dealing with clinicians, understanding your condition and treatment options, and even helping with health insurance issues. Patient advocates generally charge about $125 an hour, according to Elisabeth Schuler Russell, a health care consultant. 

Such an individual could be a good option if you don’t have a personal health advocate. Several organizations provide advocate training and lists of advocates on their sites, including the Professional Patient Advocate Institute, the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, and the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants

However, be aware that there are no state licensing requirements or national accreditation or certification tests for patient advocates, so ask for references and assess an individual’s experience and history carefully. 

Johns Hopkins Medicine Healthy Aging