Aging Life Care Management

Aging Life Care Management offers an innovative, relationship-focused approach to caring for aging adults. From overseeing medications to answering medical questions at a time of uncertainty, an Aging Life Care Manager serves as a guide and advocate for older adults facing ongoing health and mental health challenges due to aging, disability, dementia, and more.

“Aging Life Care Managers work in sync with aging adults and their families to help them navigate the complexities of aging.”

Aging Life Care Managers work in sync with aging adults and their families to help them navigate the complexities of aging, making it an ideal program for both long-distance families who worry about an aging relative’s health as well as close-distance or working families that need extra medical assistance for their loved one.

After an initial meeting where one of our Aging Life Care Managers gets to know the client and gains an objective perspective on their physical and mental health situation, the care manager develops a personalized care plan that caters to their specific needs while anticipating any developments as their health evolves. Through close relationships and unmatched care, our Aging Life Care Management program helps clients reach their fullest potential both physically and mentally.

Below are some of the Aging Life Care Management services that we can provide you or a loved one:

Nurse-managed care

All of our care managers are overseen by certified nurses in order to provide trusted, top-notch care.

Accompany clients to appointments and interact in the visit

We can attend all doctor appointments, interact in the visit, and build mutually beneficial relationships with all healthcare providers.

Provide transportation to appointments

When needed, we can offer our clients rides to and from all doctors appointments we accompany them to.

Coordinate care among all providers

We make sure all providers are aware of other providers for team-oriented care.

Create care plans

We create customized care plans that cater to our clients health needs while also anticipating changes.

Schedule appointments

We can assist with scheduling all doctor appointments and reminding clients of these appointments.

Manage medications

We can stay on top of all medications to make sure clients are taking the correct dosages at the correct time of day.

Coordinate hospital stays and discharges

Should our clients need hospital stays, we are happy to coordinate all stays as well as discharges to get them home.

Help with crisis intervention

Should an emergency occur, we are available 24/7 and will help make necessary decisions.

Communicate with family members

To keep everybody on the same page, we stay in contact with all family members to guide them through the aging process and learn about their specific concerns.

Assist with long-term care transitions

When a client moves to an assisted care facility, we offer support and guidance to make it an easier transition.

Specialized dementia and memory care

We have specialized knowledge in dementia and memory care, so we can support these specific aging conditions.

Hospice care support

For clients in hospice care, we coordinate with facilities to provide additional medical and non-medical care.

Manage in-home services as needed

For those who need extra assistance throughout the day, we also offer our Home Assist program.

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