We are a local, family business created after dealing with our own Families' Care concerns

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Amy Pierce RN, BSN, CMC

Amy loves nursing and has excelled as one for fourteen years now, with a wide range of valuable experience in many specialties, including Medical-Surgical, Emergency Room, Oncology, Pain Management, and Hospice.  Amy’s expertise includes everything from direct patient care, director of nursing of an ambulatory surgery center, and care management to practice management, marketing and mediation between medical practice staff and doctor.

As a Hospice admissions nurse, Amy developed a true passion for helping guide patients and families through difficult and often confusing times.  Through experience, she also came to realize that an overwhelming barrier of confusion related to healthcare is, more often than not, experienced by many people--not just by patients who are ready for Hospice care, but also by families and loved ones. 

Firsthand, Amy has witnessed both her parents struggling to deal with their out-of- town aging parents and all the emotional uncertainty they went through as they tried to find the best care options.   After watching mom and dad hit many frustrating and unnecessary potholes along the way, Amy realized there is most definitely a much-needed service missing in today’s confusing world of health care.

As a result,  Amy became a certified care manager and COASTAL CARE PARTNERS was born.

Amy and her team desire to use her experience and passion for genuine and personal caring to help guide you and your family through the complex waters of health care!