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What is an Aging Life Care Professional?
It’s hard for me to drive, can you help me get to my appointments?
What can you do for me at my doctors’ appointments?
My mother lives alone in Savannah and I live out of town, can you help me with her care?
Does insurance cover your services?
My healthcare provider has a care manager and my insurance company offers care suggestions, why do I need a private navigator?
I have many insurance bills and I just can’t figure out if they are right, what can I do?
It’s getting more difficult to get around my house, can you help me figure out what I can do to stay at home?
I love having my personal health care navigator, can you help me with other areas?
Are you Licensed?
What is unique about Coastal Care Partners?
Do you employ your caregivers?
Does health insurance cover your In-Home Care services?
Do you have a comprehensive written policy and procedure manual?
Can I stop services whenever I want?
If my caregiver is not a good fit for me, can I request a change?
Can I reach someone in management after hours?