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The Donna Rule

The Donna Rule - Our Philosophy - Coastal Care Partners

The Donna Rule is Coastal Care Partner’s rule for hiring. It is a philosophy that Amy Pierce, founder of Coastal Care Partners, developed when recruiting potential Care Managers and Caregivers. Donna is Amy’s mother, and whenever Amy interviews a potential employee, she always asks herself would she feel comfortable having this person caring for her mother.

Coastal Care Partners leaders are all committed to upholding the Donna Rule. When interviewing a prospective candidate, our staff members consider the question, “Would I hire this person to care for my own mother?” If they can answer yes with absolute confidence, the candidate will be invited to join the Coastal Care Partners team. Allowing a stranger into your home to care for your loved one can be scary. That is why at Coastal Care Partners we have a rigorous recruitment process, and only select the top candidates.