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Concierge Adult Primary Care

As you’ve likely experienced firsthand, traditional medical care is in need of vast improvements. It’s time to simplify and personalize medical care to put the emphasis back on YOU. At Coastal Care Partners, our unique approach combines the expertise of a premium physician with your own private nurse. The result is a well-rounded, all-encompassing patient experience that we believe will pave the way to improved healthcare for us all.

Meet Dr. Iyer

Dr. Sanjay Iyer is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician who serves as the Vice-Chairman and assistant medical director of the emergency department at Memorial University Medical Center. He also serves as Medical Director of Spanish Oaks Hospice as well as the Chief Medical Officer of Coastal Care Partners.

Dr. Iyer’s focus is making sure that you have the most complete care possible with open access to him when you need it. Because he is a long-time Savannah physician, he can leverage his relationships with other great clinicians in our community to ensure the most appropriate specialty is involved when needed. We then go even further to enhance your level of care by providing your own licensed, private nurse from our sister company, Coastal Care Partners.

What is Concierge Physician Care?

The Concierge Physician Care from Coastal Care MD is a membership-based physician care service. For a monthly fee, we provide premium access to our Chief Medical Director, Dr. Sanjay Iyer. Dr. Iyer, in conjunction with our care team, will develop and manage a highly customized care plan just for you, and as an added convenience, we’ll come to you, with most visits taking place in the comfort of your own home. The monthly membership fee cannot be paid by insurance and it does not replace your insurance; however, we will still bill standard insurance claims for your visits.

Our Concierge Physician Care was developed to foster personal relationships with your care team. Anyone who’s been to a physician’s office recently can attest to feeling like a number and the unfortunate truth is, you often are. At Coastal Care MD, we don’t over-fill the doctor’s schedule. We allow time to get to know you and assess your health on a deeper level because we believe that’s how medicine should be delivered.

Premium Care Focused on You

When we say we put our patients first, we mean it. That’s why Coastal Care MD has built a service that brings our care to you, at home, for the utmost convenience and peace of mind.

The Whole Health Care Picture

We want to be your health care providers – and advocates. In fact, we consider it an honor to help develop and manage your complete health care plan, which includes valuable insights from your entire Coastal Care MD team.

The Power of Teamwork

Have you ever wished your primary care doctor and specialists compared notes about your health? Open communication is critical to optimal health and it’s why your dedicated team of physicians, nurses, therapists, and caregivers collaborate with a wide range of specialists to ensure you have the most complete care possible.

We provide special attention and exceptional care for all of our concierge patients. Say goodbye to waiting and get in touch with us today!

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