What can you do for me at my doctors’ appointments?

We will go with you to your appointments and help you discuss your health care situation with your physicians .  Because we have years of nursing experience we can ask questions and provide information that you may not know is important.  We also can help if you have more than one doctor.  We can ensure all of your health providers have ALL of your information, and we make sure a coordinated plan is developed for you.

It’s hard for me to drive, can you help me get to my appointments?

Yes!  We can coordinate transportation and make getting to and from your appointments easier.

My mother lives alone in Savannah and I live out of town, can you help me with her care?

Yes!  That is one of the big reasons Coastal Care Partners was created.  We will coordinate with you and keep you informed of your loved one’s care.  We will communicate with you as much as you would like and ensure you are fully aware and as involved as you would like.  Consider us your “family health care assistant”.

Does insurance cover your services?

No, we are private service and insurance does not pay for it.  While we all wish that our health care providers had time to manage all of our care, the fact is they don’t.  That’s why we offer custom services.  We will discuss all of our fees and help build a plan that you can afford. We have both long-term plans, and also, offer as needed services.

My healthcare provider has a care manager and my insurance company offers care suggestions, why do I need a private navigator?

Very simply, we work for you, not the insurance company, and not your health care providers.  We have your best interest in mind and advocate for you!  While your care providers and insurance company are key players in your health care, they are also businesses looking out for their own interests.  We only work for you.  The only way we have repeat clients is if you are satisfied with our services and we help you find solutions.  We are YOUR teammate!

I have many insurance bills and I just can’t figure out if they are right, what can I do?

Let Coastal Care Partners untangle the web for you!  We can organize your insurance bills, contact the insurance company and work to get an understandable plan in place.  This can mean you have peace of mind knowing you are paying only what you need to and that you have the right insurance approvals to make your care decisions correctly.

It’s getting more difficult to get around my house, can you help me figure out what I can do to stay at home?

This is an area we are extremely passionate about.  Living in your home as long as possible is often desired.  We can assess your independence and help you decide just what is needed to ensure you have the care and safety you need to remain at home as long as possible.  We have partners that can provide home medical equipment, home modifications for wheelchairs and walkers, and in-home care services. When it is time to move to an assisted living or full care environment, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience with many local facilities and can help you with your decision.

I love having my personal health care navigator, can you help me with other areas?

Yes! We have many partners in the community that can help with financial decisions, legal advice, sitting services, and even help run errands.  We want to help you find solutions!